India to become one of Apple's next market drivers

NEW DELHI. KAZINFORM - After shaking hands with Chinese iOS developers and country's technology regulators, AppleInc's chief Tim Cook landed in India, becoming the first CEO of the California-based companyto visit the nation in decades, China Daily reports.

According to Xinhua News Agency, CEO Tim Cook discussed with Indian Prime MinisterNarendra Modi on May 21 the "possibilities of manufacturing" and tapping the young talentpool in the country, said government officials.
"Cook shared Apple Inc's future plans for India. He spoke of the possibilities of manufacturingand retailing in India," said an official statement of the Prime Minister's Office.
According to local newspaper The Hindu, Cook said: "We are looking at India as a partneracross (segments), not just for any one area. Manufacturing is something we will logically look at."
When asked if India could be as big as China for Apple some day, the Apple chief said that allthe ingredients are in place for India to grow exponentially. "I see a lot of positive thingshappen in the country and more will happen. From GDP point of view there is no doubt in mymind that India will set new records. I can feel it will happen," Cook told the newspaper.
In an answer to whether the country will become the next "bullish market" like China forApple, Cook expressed optimism about the future business expansion in India.
"India shouldn't try to be like anyone but itself, because India is fantastic. I think the multi-cultural nature of it, the warmth of its people... this is an advantage that is probably not wellunderstood to the exterior world. I see a lot of positive things happen in the country and morewill happen.
From the GDP point of view there is no doubt in my mind that India will set newrecords. I can feel it will happen, all the ingredients are there," said Cook to a news channel.
Cook said he was not chasing market share in India but wanted to partner with telecomoperators to enhance the quality of services. "We are in India for the next thousand years.Our horizon is very long. We are focused on best, not most. So it doesn't bother me that wedon't have top market share," he said.
According to Cook, last year Apple did $59 billion worth of business in China and this is a bignumber for a company to do. But India is different than China.
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