Indian man becomes oldest father at age of 94

NEW DELHI. December 28. KAZINFORM Better late than never. A laborer in the northern Indian state Haryana is reported to have become the country's oldest father at the age of 94, breaking earlier record of a 90-year-old farmer in the western state of Rajasthan, said Times of India Tuesday. Kazinform refers to China Daily.

Ramajit Raghav, a landless laborer from Kharkhoda in Haryana, has said that he had become a proud father of a son. His wife Shakuntala, who gave birth to the child, is in her mid fifties, said the report.

The child was born in a local government hospital where doctors said that the child was delivered normally and was in good health.

The couple termed their child's birth as "God's gift" and named him Karamjit, the report said.

Raghav said that he had been a wrestler in his youth and his daily diet comprised of three kilograms milk, half a kilogram of almonds and half a kilogram of ghee, the report said. Kazinform cites China Daily. See

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