Indonesia's Mount Merapi erupts, releasing lava up to 1.8 km away

Photo: Brent Keane/Pexels
JAKARTA. KAZINFORM - One of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Merapi, erupted 16 times on Wednesday, releasing incandescent lava up to 1,800 m, according to the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG), Kazinform cites Xinhua.

«The lava was released towards Bebeng River up to 1,800 m. White smoke of medium intensity reached as high as 50 m above the top of the crater,» said Mount Merapi Monitoring Post officer Ahmad Sopari.

Lava flows and hot clouds are potentially hazardous at this time. People are asked to avoid a 7 km radius in the south-southwest sector and a 5 km radius in the southeast sector of the summit, Sopari added.

Located on the border of the provinces of Central Java and Yogyakarta, Mount Merapi is now at the third dangerous level.

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