Industrial production in Kazakhstan reaches 19.4 trillion tenge in early 2024

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In the first five months of 2024, Kazakhstan's industrial sector grew significantly, hitting 19,406.7 billion tenge in total industrial production. Significant contributions from the mining and industrial industries propelled this rise, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports citing Bureau of National Statistics.

45.9% of all industrial production, or 8,901.5 billion tenge, came from the mining sector. Of the total, the manufacturing sector accounted for 8,950.2 billion tenge, somewhat more than the mining industry. In comparison to the same period previous year, the mining and quarrying industry's Industrial Production Index (IPI) was 100.6%. This growth was driven by increases in the extraction of natural gas by 3.8%, metallic ore by 6.5%, and mining industry services by 10.6%.

A positive IPI of 105.2% was recorded in the manufacturing sector year over year, indicating growth in a number of sub-sectors: manufacturing climbed by 5.8% in the chemical industry, 13.5% in the manufacturing of basic medicinal items and preparations, and 7.5% in metallurgy. Excluding machinery and equipment, finished metal products increased by 28.4%, machinery manufacture increased by 14.7%, and other finished goods output nearly doubled, growing by 90%.

The production, transmission, and distribution of electricity increased by 7.2%, while the production and pipeline-based distribution of gaseous fuels increased by 7%, contributing to the energy sector's IPI of 106.1%. However, with an IPI of 99.8%, the water supply, waste management, and pollution remediation sectors showed a minor dip. The reasons behind this were a reduction of 1.4% in garbage collection, treatment, and disposal and a 0.9% drop in water collection, treatment, and delivery.

In fifteen regions of Kazakhstan, industrial production grew on a regional basis. Significant expansion was noted in the Aktobe area and the city of Astana. On the other hand, output decreased in the districts of Atyrau, Zhetysu, and Zhambyl as well as in the cities of Almaty and Shymkent.

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