Inflow of foreign investment into Kazakhstan's economy rises

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Inflow of foreign investment into Kazakhstan's economy has increased by 23.5% since the beginning of 2016. Since early 2016 Kazakhstan has attracted over 1.5 trillion tenge into its projects, that is 284 billion tenge more than in analogous period of 2015, Kazinform has learnt from

Share of foreign investment in the investment portfolio of the country reached 34.3%, compared to 30% in 2015 and 28.6% in 2014.

Interest of foreign capital to Kazakhstan grows steadily thanks to the country's shift to a new level of partnership between the public sector and investors. In the beginning of the year the Government of Kazakhstan launched a new mechanism of relations with investors outlined in the document "On some issues of implementation of state support of investment".

In 2016, the Government increased the level of protection offered to foreign investors. As per the document, Kazakhstan will offer hefty bonuses to those who are ready to invest into priority sectors of Kazakhstan's economy starting from 2017.

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