Information Minister names President’s key message at extended gov’t session

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev shared his opinion about the extended session of the Government with the participation of the Head of State, Kazinform correspondent reports.

"Addressing the meeting, the President said the phrase: ‘I declare two indicators - income and quality of life - as the main criteria for the effectiveness of the state.' Perhaps, this phrase is the Head of State's key message. Therefore, the meeting mainly focused on the economy and the development of the regions. It is very important that the President emphasized the raising of business lending efficiency. This means that loans will be issued only to those companies that can prove their solvency. In fact, this will lead to the clearing of the real economy from fly-by-night companies," the minister said at Open Dialogue TV program.

He also reminded that the Head of State named the development of domestic production as the main priority for the Government and local authorities.

"In particular, this is the case of those spheres where our country has all the necessary conditions - resources, personnel, and financing. For instance, the local content in housing construction - it is planned to build 13 million square meters of housing in 2019. And now the share of Kazakhstan's content in the construction is 77%. However, this figure needs to be increased. Another example is agriculture. We have enormous competitive advantages in this area. And the report delivered by Umirzak Yestaevich [Shukeyev] showed that the Government has a clear vision of the direction to move," Dauren Abayev pointed out.

He also underlined that precision agriculture will develop, above all, owing to digital technologies,.

"Agricultural grounds now show high yields. In addition to this, it is planned to increase the share of irrigated agriculture. In general, the President made it clear that a Kazakh village should not remain on the sidelines of economic development. That is why the issues of providing the village with clean drinking water, high-quality roads, and new jobs were raised. Summarizing the Head of State's speech, we can say that the Government has been given a clear benchmark for further transformations. Specific efficiency indicators have been set, and the main one is the satisfaction of the population," the minister concluded.

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