Instruments of state support to allow business become stronger

ALMATY. KAZINFORM - The instruments of state support of business rendered within the Business Road Map-2020, especially within the processing direction, allow domestic enterprises engaged in the processing sector to be more confident about the future, head of "Shin-Line" Company Vladimir Pak thinks.

"Over a half of produced by us products is ice cream, therefore the primary product for us is milk. We use only natural primary products, but sometimes we do not have enough in the vicinity. We are ready to process a great volume of milk and we offer a good price, 105 tenge per liter. I think that it is important to support farms in the rural areas that are engaged in raising of the livestock," V. Pak noted in his interview to a Kazinform correspondent.

The businessman shared his plans about the nearest future. Thus, the company plans to begin freezing semi-finished products and greens. "Presently, people try to eat more healthy food, especially the youth try stick to this lifestyle. Our task is to establish contacts with domestic manufacturers, because our products are fresher and better in terms of quality," V. Pak added.

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