Intel developing box that watches you watch TV

WASHINGTON. February 15. KAZINFORM The world's biggest chipmaker Intel announced this week it is developing a set-top television entertainment box that can provide personalized programming using a camera that can watch users watch TV, sparking a conversation among tech enthusiasts about the fine line between innovation and privacy.

"Today television does not really know anything about you, and it is the same television service for everyone in the household," said Erik Huggers vice president of Intel Media during the All Things D: Dive Into Media conference in California on Tuesday, RIA Novosti informed.

The front facing camera on Intel's yet-to-be-named set-top box (STB) will come equipped with facial-recognition software that will allow users to receive television show recommendations based on individual viewing patterns and history, the company said.

"In order to actually recognize who is there and to offer you your personal experience, rather than having to log in or put your fingerprint or do a retina make it completely seamless you need a camera," Huggers said.

With the chip industry struggling, the consumer electronics market is where the money is, said Nathan Brookwood, principal analyst with Insight 64, a semiconductor consulting firm, according to the website Tech Hive .

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