Inter-faith and inter-ethnic tolerance important values of our people – Senate Speaker

Maulen Ashimbayev
Photo credit: Ashimbayev's Facebook account

Senate Speaker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Maulen Ashimbayev congratulated Christians of Kazakhstan on the Orthodox Christmas, Kazinform News Agency reports.

Speaker Ashimbayev took to his official Facebook account to extend the Orthodox Christmas greetings, emphasizing that this religious holiday is a symbol of light and hope as well as an embodiment of underlying spiritual values - kindness, love and care for one’s loved ones.

These values unite people regardless of their religious confession and nationality.

Nowadays peace, accord and respect to religious beliefs of other people have become an integral part of Kazakhstani culture and identity.

Inter-faith and inter-ethnic tolerance, respect to culture and traditions of other ethnic groups, openness of one’s mind are important values of our nation.

Maulen Ashimbayev wished all Kazakhstani families well-being and prosperity as well as joy and happiness to every household.

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