Internal Affairs Ministry calls detention of journalists in Astana an ‘unfortunate misunderstanding'

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Chairman of the Administrative Police Committee of the Internal Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Igor Lepekha dismissed the detention of journalists in Astana today as an ‘unfortunate misunderstanding'.

"Today a group of individuals tried to organize and hold an unsanctioned rally. As a result, they were briefly detained by local police and freed immediately," Mr. Lepekha said at a press briefing on Saturday, adding that detention of reporters among those people was probably the result of an unfortunate misunderstanding.
"The rally was unsanctioned. The police tried to explain it. But people were told that the rally was authorized," he said.
At the press briefing Mr. Lepekha revealed that a group of individuals were detained in Astana on Saturday for an attempt to hold the unsanctioned rally near the Baiterek monument. The Internal Affairs Ministry assumed measures in line with the law in order to prevent disturbance of public peace.

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