International Children’s Togyzkumalak Tournament held in Lithuania

International Children’s Togyzkumalak Tournament held in Lithuania
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The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Lithuania together with the Lithuanian and Latvian Togyzkumalak Federations and with the assistance of the Vilnius “Santaros” gymnasium held a master class and a Togyzkumalak (Kazakh national game) international children's tournament, Kazinform News Agency cites the Kazakh Foreign Ministry.

More than 30 children from Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Latvia took part in the event dedicated to the 5th World Nomad Games.

Opening the tournament, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Lithuania Timur Urazaev spoke about the history of the ancient game of the Great Steppe and expressed gratitude to the participants for preserving and disseminating a universal cultural heritage – the togyzkumalak game, that was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 2020.

The President of the World Togyzkumalak Federation, Alikhan Baimenov, in his video message noted that in recent years this game has been rapidly developing in Lithuania and Latvia, books are being published, sports clubs and sections are being organized and competitions are being held.

A special feature of this tournament was the bestemshe (simplified version of togyzkumalak) played by preschool children – Latvian Anastasia Ermakova and Kazakh Dair Daurenuly. This was the first international meeting of young bestemshe players outside of Kazakhstan.

The participants of the event were also presented with national dishes, customs, and traditions of the Kazakh people, diplomats spoke about the anniversaries celebrated in our country: the 100th anniversary of the first Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan Sagadat Nurmagambetov and Halyk Kaharmany Rakhymzhan Koshkarbayev. The winners of the tournament received diplomas and memorable gifts, and Lithuanian participants were presented with game teaching aids in their native language.

The Embassy expressed gratitude to the presidents of the Lithuanian and Latvian Togyzkumalak Federations, Aidas Zhandaris and Lyubov Azimova, as well as the authorities of the Vilnius “Santaros” gymnasium for their assistance in organizing the master class and children's tournament.

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