Internet's favorite color is blue: study finds

SAN FRANCISCO. KAZINFORM - The Internet is very blue, literally. A recent study of the world's most visited websites has found that they use nearly twice as many shades of blue as shades of yellow and red, Xinhua reports.

Designer Paul Hebert wanted to see what he could learn from the color palettes of the world's most popular websites. So he scraped the world's top 10 visited websites -- including Google, Facebook and Chinese search giant Baidu -- and recorded all the colors used in the homepages and style sheets.

He found that blue, instead of red, was the most popular color for the world's biggest websites. After gathering a complete list of colors found on all of these webpages, Hebert transformed the data into a series of visuals and posted the details on his personal website.

While Facebook, Google and Baidu use blue dominantly on their pages, Amazon and Yahoo do not show any preference for the color.

Blue is usually seen as a soothing color that brings calm and serenity. Many websites use the color because it is not aggressive and works to keep visitors longer on a website.

Source: Xinhua

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