Int’l trade and logistics centre on Kazakhstan-China border inaugurated

logistics centre
Photo cerdit: Dostyk Storage press service

Today a new international trade and logistics centre near Dostyk village on the border between Kazakhstan and China started its work. It is developed by Dostyk Storage LLP together with the state revenues committee. Its main goal is to develop and improve transborder logistics infrastructure and increase the carrying capacity of the Alakol motor passageway, Kazinform News Agency reports.

It is planned to open such hubs for handling goods and warehousing. The transport and logistics centre is the first such a hub on the border of Kazakhstan on the east, Transport Vice Minister Maxar Kaliakparov said at the opening ceremony.

The centre was built by Dostyk Storage within the shortest possible period. New warehousing facilities will help increase the carrying capacity of the Alakol customs checkpoint of the Dostyk customs from 200 to 600 freight vehicles a day as well as daily turnover from 4,000 to 12,000 tons. In per year terms it will increase turnover from 1 to 3 million tons.

The logistics centre stretches over 13.5 hectares. Over 2.8 billion tenge of private investments was channeled into the project.

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