IOC experts pleased with Olympic facilities in Almaty

ALMATY. KAZINFORM - Members of the IOC Evaluation Commission began their work in Almaty - the candidate city for hosting the Olympic Games in 2022. They were pleased with the facilities they inspected, Director of "Executive Office of Unniversiade-2017" Ilya Urazakov told during the briefing in Almaty.

"There some issues regarding the stability, ecology of the city and the concept of the facilities. However, we can surely say the members of the IOC Evaluation Commission were pleased with what they saw. When we discussed the agenda of 2020 and the president of the IOC told it was very important the program was maximum specific and the fact the facilities would be used later could be a true factor here. Compared to Beijing, our situation is better," I. Urazakov said.

According to the member of the bidding committee "Almaty-2020" Andrei Kryukova, a lot positive comments were made regarding the work which is done in Almaty.

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