Iran opens air force exhibition

TEHRAN. KAZINFORM - Iran's the Eqtedar 40 Exhibition opened in southwestern Tehran on Thursday, IRNA reports.

The exhibition will be open to the public until February 11 (the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran).

The items put on display in the exhibition include cargo and reconnaissance planes, fighters, and helicopters of the Iranian Army Air Force, Islamic Republic Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force, Iran Navy Aviation, and Police Aviation, also different kinds of radars, command and control system, air defense and missiles systems.

The exhibition also displays some capabilities of overhaul of and spare part making for fighters and helicopters.

Commander of the Iranian Army Abdolrahim Mousavi said in the opening ceremony of the exhibition that Iran has resisted for 40 years against the sanctions and successfully survived them.

He said, 'Today, we witness a manifestation of authority of Iranian people and the Islamic Revolution.'

'When the [foreign] military advisors left Iran, they said that Iran would not be able to use and maintain military equipment. Now, after 40 years, we proved to the world that we can stand on own feet and successfully breeze through the sanctions.'

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