Iran rejects Washington Post allegation reneging on nuclear deal

TEHRAN. KAZINFORM - Iran's Permanent Mission to United Nations in a statement on Wednesday rejected Washington Post allegation reneging on the nuclear deal as baseless and faked, saying that Iran stays loyal to its commitments to Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The statement expressed regret that the newspaper has published repeated false allegations made by a terrorist group whose crimes against humanity is known for all, especially US public opinion.

Radical and hardline groups which see failure of their investment in making Iran's nuclear program an issue of security and ever increasing isolation of the policy of Iranophobia as a result of Iran's logical approach towards international developments, have embarked on mounting propaganda and lies about fully peaceful nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the statement said.

As International Atomic Energy Agency's reports indicate Iran's cooperation with the UN nuclear agency continues at a high level and Iran honors all its commitments to NPT, IRNA informs.

Iran mutually expects other parties to stay committed to their agreements on the nuclear dispute with Iran.

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