Iran SCO membership opening path for bright future

TEHRAN. KAZINFORM - Analysts believe the membership would provide Iran with great economic and political opportunities, considering the structure of the Eurasian political, economic, and security alliance, IRNA reports.

The world’s emerging powers, India and China, are among the main members of the SCO. The two countries’ need to Iranian energy, coupled with Iran’s strategic position, is regarded as a great reason for New Delhi and Beijing to deepen their ties with Tehran.

Both India and China are interested in having a presence in Iran’s project to develop its key Chabahar Port in the southeastern corner of the country. To India, Chabahar is the gateway to markets of Afghanistan and, at the next stage, to Central Asia .

It is also clear what position Iran has, as long as China’s regional and international strategies are concerned.

The experience of development process in Europe indicates that regional convergence is a low-cost mechanism, which enhances trade and economy growth.

The SCO consists of 40 percent of land and one fourth of gross domestic product of the world, so it can provide Iran with great opportunity to expand trade ties in regional arena.

Of course, Iran’s membership in the organization is a sort of opening a path to strengthen regional and international cooperation at the highest level.

Thus, Tehran is expected to adopt a balanced foreign policy at international level and pursue goals in order to resolve the issue of US-imposed sanctions and guarantee economic development of the Islamic nation.

The SCO can assist the country to overcome the challenge of sanctions and enhance the Iranian economy.

The regional and international powers have taken part in Iran’s nuclear negotiations so far and they are able to use their influence to lead the talks towards a meaningful result.

Efforts to resolve the sanction problem can pave the ground for creating a competitive atmosphere to bolster economic and trade ties with regional and ultra-regional partners.

It is worth mentioning that economy is highly affected by selection and when a country has a many trade opportunities to select from, it can experience a better situation in exchanges and speed up its development.

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