Iran to invest in Russian agriculture sector

TEHRAN. KAZINFORM - Head of Majlis Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Commission Abbass Rajaie, said on Monday that Iran seeks to invest in Russian agriculture sector, using its resources to meet its domestic needs, Kazinform has learnt from IRNA.

'Talks are underway between Iran and Russia and a number of other countries in this concern,' said Rajaie in an interview with IRNA when asked about Iran's use of lands in Russia for farming and meeting its domestic need.

'We oppose other countries' ownership of our farmlands and believe that if a country wants to invest in our country we will accept but this should be within frameworks of an Iranian company.'

He said, 'We welcome foreign investments in Iran's agriculture sector but this does not mean they can take possession of any farmlands in Iran.'

'We believe in extraterritorial farming and at any rate part of our needs can be imported; however, we can meet our needs through extra-territorial farming and even we have held talks with the Agriculture Bank in this concern to draw up a plan for investment in the extra-territorial farming.'


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