Iranian Embassy shares official stance on conflict with Israel

Iran and Israel
Photo credit: Kazinform / Freepik / Pixabay

The Iranian Embassy in Kazakhstan has shared its country's official stance regarding the conflict with Israel, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.

Ali Akbar Jowkar, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Kazakhstan, officially stated his country's stance on the tensions with Israel.

The ambassador highlighted that this was not the first incident of Israeli attacks on Iranians abroad, but this particular attack targeted an Iranian diplomatic mission in Syria, which drew global condemnation, except from the West.

“As you know, this is not the first time Israel has carried out its attacks on Iranian citizens in the territory of various countries. But the peculiarity of the attack that happened recently is that they attacked the Iranian diplomatic mission in Syria. This military attack was condemned by almost all countries of the world, except the collective West. Of course, Kazakhstan also condemned the attack on the diplomatic mission, since diplomatic facilities are protected by the Vienna Convention. But unfortunately, the UN Security Council did not condemn this act,” the ambassador said at a meeting with representatives of the Kazakh media.

The Iranian ambassador mentioned that had the UN Security Council intervened and condemned the incident, the Islamic Republic of Iran might not have felt compelled to take direct retaliatory actions.

"Since an attack was carried out on a diplomatic mission and is considered an attack on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of a state, Iran's strategic patience was exhausted, and, therefore, Iran designed a direct military response. Thus, Iran's military response was in accordance with the UN charters for lawful defense against aggression. Therefore, the response was limited to a military attack on a Syrian regime airbase from which raids were conducted to strike Iranian citizens. Therefore, after the completion of this retaliatory operation, Iran declared that the operation is complete, unless Israel takes some military actions, to which Iran will respond very harshly," added Ali Akbar Jowkar.

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