Iranian scientist joins NASA plan for building base in moon

TEHRAN. KAZINFORM Iranian scientist Behrokh Khoshnevis at South California University has developed a method for building structures in the space automatically which does not need astronauts' activities.

The method uses sources of the space and other planets to provide material for the structures. NASA picked Khoshnevis's plan for 'Create the Future Design' Contest 2014 out of hundreds of plans to support the plan for materializing its ambitious goals, including building a base in the moon. The method dubbed 'contour crafting' is a new 3D printing method with which the intended structures including the infrastructures required in the moon can be built automatically by robots, ISNA reports. The method uses sources available in the moon. So far, plans presented are relying on ground materials which need expensive cost to be sent to space. The plans also need presence of astronauts for building activities adding extra expenses. The method has the minimum dependence on ground material. Only plans and programs are provided from the ground and the rest is by the robots. The robots use the 3D print method, developed by Khsohnevis, to make other robots using material available in the space and create enormous labor force in the space. They would develop space infrastructures for human being, and materialize spread of human civilization in space.

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