Is it time to cancel your Greek vacation? (PHOTO)

ATHENS. KAZINFORM - Greece may be on the brink of striking a deal to avert short-term financial catastrophe, but with economic problems unlikely to go away, is now the time to start rethinking Greek travel plans?

The looming threat of a "Grexit" scenario, in which Greece drops out of the eurozone and reverts to its old currency, the drachma, raises questions about how millions of vacationers will be affected. Tourist fears are likely to be stoked by advice from some quarters about taking wads of cash to ward against a fiscal meltdown. With an expected 25 million visitors this year set to contribute up to a quarter of Greece's income in 2015, the country wants to reassure them that their vacations are safe. According to Andreas Andreadis, president of the Greek Tourism Confederation known as SETE, there is no cause for concern -- and any issues that could crop up won't take vacationers by surprise. "As summer season begins, we are prepared to ensure tourists safety and enjoyment," he says. "Above all, I am not concerned so no one should cancel their vacation." Here, Greek experts offer their answers to some of the major concerns travelers are likely to face. Read more

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