Israel's new parliament sworn in

TEL AVIV. February 6. KAZINFORM Israel's new parliament, the 19th Knesset, convened for its inaugural session Tuesday, during which all deputies pledged their allegiance to the state of Israel and its laws, local media reported.

Israeli President Shimon Peres officially announced the new Knesset, which has 48 new members.

"The Israeli Knesset won renewed trust and legitimacy," Peres said as quoted by the Ynet news website. "The public's eyes are on you, members of Knesset, in the hope that you'll prove to be worthy emissaries for the creation of a better future."

The Jerusalem Post reported last week that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited all parliamentary factions, including his opponents, to take part in a national unity government to address issues facing the country.

"We have to put aside what divides us so that we can have peace among ourselves and with our neighbors," the Jerusalem Post quoted Netanyahu as saying. "The broadest, most stable government possible is what is necessary at this time. In our reality, we cannot have boycotts."

Peres on Saturday tasked Netanyahu with forming a new government. Netanyahu, who was reelected on January 22, said his government's priority would be preventing Iran's effort to build nuclear weapons .

Recommended as premier by 82 of the 120 parliament deputies, he also pledged to seek peace, saying each day without negotiations with Palestinians was wasted. He called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resume peace talks, according to the Times of Israel.

Netanyahu was recommended for the premier's post by his own Likud-Beytenu bloc (that won 31 seats in the January 22 vote), Yesh Atid (19 seats), Jewish Home (12), Shas (11), United Torah Judaism (7) and Kadima (2) - 82 endorsements in all.

RIA Novosti

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