It's now or never: EU must work with Russia to bring stability to Europe

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Neither Russia nor the European Union wants Ukraine to become "an abyss" near their borders, Le Huffington Post reported, Kazinform refers to

Ukraine has been hit by a civil war which has lasted over a year now. The sides are at a deadlock: nobody is winning anything and Ukraine itself is paying a high price for the 2013-2014 Maidan protests.

The country lost Crimea and parts of its eastern regions, the economy is in ruins and political instability in Kiev is on the raise again. Ukraine's entry into the EU and NATO looks more distant than ever, Le Huffington Post wrote.

Under these circumstances, it's time for both France and Germany to step up and start making important political decisions. Berlin has the economic power and a special relationship with Moscow due to their WWII history. France, meanwhile, is the only member of the UN Security Council which both Russians and Ukrainians still trust.

To solve the Ukrainian crisis, France and Germany need to act in five different areas, according to Le Huffington Post. First of all, Berlin and Paris need to work with other EU member states to keep everyone on the same page regarding the issue. All EU members need to have the same stance when it comes to Ukraine.

Second, France and Germany need to resume a political dialogue with Russia. They must then put pressure on Ukraine and make Kiev comply with the Minsk peace agreements.

Third, Paris and Berlin must force actors interested in supplying arms to Kiev out of Ukraine. That will be challenging to do, as there are plenty of warmongers both in NATO and inside the US Congress. And finally, the two European leaders must help Warsaw reconcile with Moscow, as there can't be stability in Europe without warm relations between Poland and Russia, Le Huffington Post said.

The current political crisis between Europe and Russia is taking place as the center of political and economic gravity is shifting towards the Asia-Pacific region. For many Russians, Europe is no longer a bright example of economic and political development. Due to Western sanctions, Russia has started to get closer with its fellow BRICS members. This isn't beneficial for the EU, as Europe has traditionally had good economic ties with Russia.

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