Ivan Sauer: I am ready to prove private ownership advantages

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Today, at the 1st meeting of the Land Reform Commission in Astana, Director General of Rodina Agro-Industrial Farm Ivan Sauer explained the advantages of private ownership.

Sauer noted that the convocation of the meeting of the Land Reform Commission is an unprecedented fact. He called on the meeting participants to solve the land-related problem without any threats and manipulations.

“We need to listen to agrarians and all those working on land and not to provoke them,” he said.

Ivan Sauer told about the experience of privatization of Rodina Sovkhoz in Akmola region.

“It was a pilot project on privatization of the former Rodina Sovkhoz. It was an unprecedented case. Today I am inviting you to see how the life in this sovkhoz changed. I am ready to demonstrate to you the advantages of private ownership ,” he said.

Ivan Sauer is an ethnic German who was born in Malinovka village of Akmola region. He is Directror General at the LLP Agro-Industrial Farm Rodina, a multi-industry agricultural company which applies up-to-date technologies. The company contributes to the development of Astana food belt and implementation of the country’s food security concept and specializes in manufacture of high-quality products: grain and seeds, milk and its processing, meat, horticultural products, rendering agricultural services, manufacture and sale of construction materials.

Besides, the company contributes to improvement of social life in the village by solving unemployment problems, providing housing and preferences, bulding social facilities, namely a kindergarten, a house of culture, a park, sport facilities, a hospital and a zoo.

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