January 8. Kazinform's timeline of major events

History of Kazakhstan
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Kazinform's Timeline is the one-stop shop where you can learn about historical events for the 8th of January. See what notable events happened throughout Kazakhstan's history on January 8.


1864 – Ybyrai Altynsarin opens the first school for Kazakh children in Turgai.

1963 – The first Inaugural Congress of the Union of Cinematographers of Kazakhstan is held. Shaken Aimanov is elected the first secretary of the congress.

1992 – The Palace of Schoolchildren named after first Kazakh cosmonaut Tokhtar Aubakirov is unveiled in Zhezkazgan.

1997 – The city of Zhambyl is renamed as Taraz. The city is given its historical name mentioned in the Chinese sources in the middle of I century B.C.

2007– The Kazakh–French Friendship Society named after Mustafa Shokai is inaugurated in Paris. The society is established by our compatriots residing in France.

2014 – Young Kazakh dombra players from Astana win the International Music Contest in Beijing. The event brings together 40 music bands from Kazakhstan, China, Russia, and Mongolia.

2016 – Amazon starts selling ‘The Leadership Perspectives’ book, the collection of speeches and addresses by First Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev during 2012-2015.

2018 – Kazakh figure skaters haul two bronze, one silver and one gold medals at the 1st FBMA Trophy figure skating competition held in Abu Dhabi.

2019 – For the first time ever Kazakhstani representatives become members of the FIDE commission. It consists of 224 people from more than 130 countries of the world.

2019 – The Al Farabi Scientific and Educational Center opens doors at the Cairo University in Egypt.

2020 – Kazakhstan takes over the chairmanship of the Group of Landlocked Developing Countries for 2020-2021 at the UN headquarters in New York.

2021 – Research ‘Turkic World: Historic and Cultural Atlas’ is published in Kazakhstan.

2021 – The Fishery Committee is established in Kazakhstan.

2023 – Kazakhstani chess player Bibisara Assaubayeva takes the second place at The Belt and Road 2023 to World Chess Woman’s Summit in Xi’an, China.

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