Japan expects to ease travel curbs on Thailand, Vietnam first: Motegi

TOKYO. KAZINFORM Japan will likely ease travel restrictions on Thailand and Vietnam before Australia and New Zealand, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said Friday.

Discussions are moving ahead to allow businesspeople from the four countries into Japan on the condition that they test negative for the novel coronavirus and agree to retain GPS data on their smartphones to aid in contact tracing, Kyodo reports.

Speaking at a press conference, Motegi said it would take longer to work out the details with Australia and New Zealand because the two countries are prioritizing the resumption of travel across the Tasman Sea.

Japan currently has an entry ban in place for 111 countries and regions, with foreign travelers that have been to any of these areas within 14 days of their arrival being turned away.

Motegi said Japan and Vietnam had agreed to ease travel restrictions «partially and gradually» and that it «won't take long» before travel between the two countries resumes.

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