Japan to tighten security for G-7 summit, Obama's visit to Hiroshima

TOKYO. KAZINFORM - The National Police Agency said Thursday it will dispatch up to 23,000 police officers next week to guard the venue of the Group of Seven summit in central Japan, while placing around 4,600 police officers in Hiroshima when U.S. President Barack Obama makes a historic visit to the western Japan city, Kyodo reports.

Large numbers of police officers are expected to be deployed to guard Chubu airport as well as around the venue of the G-7 summit on Kashikojima, an island in the southern part of Mie Prefecture, agency officials said.
Special assault teams and units in charge of intercepting drones in the air will also be dispatched to the summit venue and Hiroshima, they said, adding police will also coordinate with the Japan Coast Guard to be on alert for possible terrorist attacks from the sea.
Following a series of terror attacks in Paris and Belgium, police across the country also plan to tighten security for such facilities as theaters and stadiums where security has been relatively lax.
Japan deployed about 22,000 police officers when hosting the 2000 summit in Okinawa Prefecture and some 21,000 officers for the 2008 summit in Hokkaido.
The G-7 groups Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the European Union.

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