Jeddah wakes up to thunder, bad memories of 2009 floods

JEDDAH. December 30. KAZINFORM Residents awoke Wednesday morning to loud claps of thunder that heralded rain, traffic gridlock and soggy reminders of the Nov. 25, 2009 floods that immerse several districts of the city.

"People are still traumatized, still scared," said local resident Khaled Saleem. "I had to ask my boss for permission to let me go because I still remember every minute of the 2009 flood."

Students and employees were sent home early out of concern of further rain throughout the day. Civil Defense warned locals by SMS to avoid depressions and the shoreline in case the rain turned the city's usually-dry wadis into raging sea-bound torrents of mud and debris.

"I really thought there would be another flood, because Jeddah is still unsafe," said local resident Tahani Awad. "As my husband and I drove while it was raining, we were thinking of those who died because of the flood."

Government estimates put the Nov. 25, 2009 death toll at 123, Kazinform refers to the Arab News.


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