Jordan nominates 'The Ancient Olive Tree - Al-Mehras' for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Photo credit: Petra

The Ministry of Culture has put forward a nomination for the inclusion of "The Ancient Olive Tree - Al-Mehras" file onto UNESCO's representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity for the year 2025, Petra reports. 

This nomination, submitted by the Ministry of Culture, reflects the Kingdom's commitment to preserving and promoting its rich cultural heritage on the global stage.

In a statement on Monday, Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar emphasized the significance of Jordanian heritage, asserting its rightful place both regionally and internationally. She commended the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Culture and various national stakeholders in finalizing the nomination dossier for "The Ancient Olive Tree - Al-Mehras" to be presented to UNESCO in Paris.

Al-Najjar underscored the Ministry's continuous endeavors in documenting and safeguarding elements of intangible cultural heritage through its Cultural Heritage Directorate. She emphasized the importance of such nominations, noting their contribution to bolstering Jordan's cultural presence worldwide. Notably, the ministry has previously succeeded in securing UNESCO recognition for Jordanian cultural elements such as As-Samer traditional dance and the culinary dish of Mansaf.

The minister underscored the profound significance of the olive tree in Jordanian society, symbolizing both agricultural prowess and cultural heritage deeply ingrained in the lives of its people.

The Ministry of Culture has actively participated in joint Arab nominations to UNESCO, highlighting the interconnections of cultural practices across the region. Files such as date palm cultivation and Arabic calligraphy have been previously submitted, acknowledging their intrinsic cultural value.

Looking ahead, Al-Najjar highlighted additional joint Arab nominations currently under consideration for the 2025 UNESCO list. These nominations encompass a diverse array of cultural practices and traditions, including mud architecture, traditional men's attire, musical instruments like the oud, and various crafts and skills associated with Arab cultural heritage.

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