Jordan records surge in trademarks and patents: Ministry report

Photo credit: Petra

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply's statistical data for 2023 revealed a significant uptick in trademark registrations compared to the previous year, marking a 69 percent increase with a total of 8521 new trademarks. Moreover, patent registrations soared from 54 in 2022 to 157 in the past year, reflecting a remarkable 191 percent surge, Petra reports. 

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Ministry highlighted the robust growth in trademark and patent filings, indicating a proactive approach towards intellectual property rights. The surge in registrations underscores Jordan's commitment to fostering innovation and protecting intellectual property assets.

The Ministry further disclosed that a total of 130 applications were processed by the Industrial Designs and Models Department in 2023, comprising 100 domestic and 30 foreign applications, reflecting a 6 percent rise from the previous year. Additionally, 66 registration certificates for industrial designs or models were issued, demonstrating a steady flow of innovation in the market.

Renewals of trademarks and patents remained robust, with 6568 trademarks and 613 patents being renewed. The Ministry also facilitated 2000 transactions related to trademark ownership transfer/merger and 1410 transactions for legal modifications on trademarks by the end of 2023, indicating a dynamic business environment.

Embracing digitalization, the Ministry reported a substantial increase in electronic transactions, receiving 28885 transactions in the past year, marking an 86 percent surge from 2022.

Furthermore, the Ministry's initiatives aimed at promoting intellectual property rights among women through the Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship project have yielded positive results. Women were trained on utilizing industrial property tools to enhance their financial status and add economic value to local products, culminating in the registration of a collective mark (With Pink Hands) under the Petra Development Authority.

In line with its strategic objectives, the Ministry concluded the first phase of the project "Providing Intellectual Property Data for Search and Access," aimed at facilitating access to intellectual property data related to the pharmaceutical industry. This initiative is part of the Economic Modernization Vision (2023-2025), demonstrating Jordan's commitment to fostering innovation and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Ministry's efforts in raising awareness about intellectual property rights through workshops and participation in initiatives such as the Hussein Camps for Innovation, Creativity, and Intellectual Property underscore its commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation and excellence in Jordan.

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