Jordan to host cooperative ministerial conference for Asia-Pacific countries

Photo: Petra

Minister of Agriculture and Jordanian Cooperative Corporation Chairman, Khaled Hanifat, announced Wednesday the commencement of the eleventh Cooperative Ministerial Conference for Asia-Pacific countries on April 28 in the Dead Sea region, Petra reports. 

Hanifat stated in a press conference that preparations are complete for this international event, organized by the ministry in collaboration with the International Cooperative Alliance.

The conference aims to bolster partnerships between governments and cooperatives, contributing to sustainable development across economic, social, cultural, and environmental spheres.

The two-day conference serves as a significant platform for ministers and cooperative sector representatives to exchange experiences and discuss cooperative work strategies. The conference seeks to promote cooperative culture and identity in societies, highlighting the sector's economic and social contributions.

The conference is expected to attract wide participation from ministers and cooperative leaders representing various countries, demonstrating Jordan's pivotal role in fostering international cooperation despite regional conflicts.

The conference aims to formulate sustainable policies and regulatory environments conducive to cooperative growth, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals. With broad participation from over 50 countries, including ministers and cooperative leaders, the conference underscores Jordan's regional prominence and commitment to cooperative development.

Balu Iyer, Regional Director of the International Cooperative Alliance in Asia and the Pacific, highlighted in a recorded speech during the press conference that the choice of Jordan to host the eleventh Cooperative Ministerial Conference for Asia and the Pacific countries reflects its status as one of the most stable and secure countries in the region. He praised Jordan's efforts in organizing the conference and emphasized its role in promoting stability and development.

Iyer emphasized Jordan's significant progress across various fields and its unwavering security and stability amidst regional challenges. He underscored that the conference will facilitate the formation of partnerships for sustainable development in North African and Asia-Pacific countries, fostering collaboration between governments and the cooperative sector.

Iyer also stressed the importance of addressing the cooperative sector's needs in Asian and North African countries to achieve sustainable development goals, underlining the conference's role in generating positive outcomes and advocating for partnership strengthening among decision-makers and stakeholders to advance sustainable development initiatives.

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