Justice bodies do their best to protect rights of citizens and state - Rashid Tusupbekov

ANA. October 17. KAZINFORM. /Serik Sabekov/ Kazakh Minister of Justice Rashid Tusupbekov told about the development of legal society, activities on improvement of law-making activity and tasks the justice agencies face nowadays in an interview to Kazinform.

What tasks does your Ministry have to implement at present?

Today we have to fulfill very important strategic tasks. The Justice Ministry controls and takes all necessary measures ensuring timely implementation of court decisions regarding criminal cases. The Ministry monitors not only the law-making activity but also the work of advocacy institutes and notary offices, public service centers as well as the issues concerning legislative regulation of work of religious unions and many others. In fact the justice agencies are to solve the task of legal provision of the state activity, monitor legality in the work of the state bodies, organizations, public servants and citizens, ensure protection of rights and interests of citizens and organizations. All these obligations are imposed by the Law "On the bodies of justice".

One of the main activities of the justice agencies is the law project work and legal expertise of draft legal acts.

How do you estimate the current legislation system? How does it correspond to the modern requirements?

The current legislation of Kazakhstan helped increase the level of socio-economic welfare of the citizens, created a basis for growth and development of our country in various spheres. However, further development of public relations needs modern legal accompaniment. Thus the improvement of legislation is among the top priority directions of development of the Kazakhstan Legal Policy Concept for 2010-2020.

In this context the Ministry of Justice is studying the issue of reorganization of the Institute of Legislation of Kazakhstan.

How Kazakhstan will benefit from this reorganization?

The Institute of Legislation under the Ministry of Justice dealing with scientific validation of developing draft laws is for objective reasons no more able to execute the tasks imposed on it. Being a commercial organization the Institute of Legislation is aimed at making maximum profit. It leads to unstable financing of its activity since the financing depends on the results of tenders. Due to this the Institute is not able to employ qualified personnel on a permanent basis.

The Ministry suggests changing the form of incorporation of the Institute of Legislation LLC into a state-run organization of special status. The new status will allow to raise salary for its employees and thereby attract highly qualified specialists. 

All these measures will enable to improve quality of scientific study of legislative initiatives and analytical activity of the Institute.

The work of justice agencies concerns public services. What measures are taken to improve the quality of these services?

It is our main goal to create all necessary conditions for ensuring qualitative and timely services to the citizens. In this context we are planning to continue work on automation of the process of rendering public services.

Another priority direction in the activity of justice bodies is the organization of legal assistance and rendering legal services to the population.

The Ministry prepared a number of complex proposals on improvement of the state control over the advocacy institutes and notary offices. They will be submitted for consideration of the Legal Policy Council under the President of Kazakhstan.

The proposals are aimed at minimization of circumstances leading to corruption. In particular, it is planned to revise the procedure of licensing of advocacy and notarial activities. It is necessary to provide transparency in activities of the commission holding attestation of candidates for notary officers and attorneys. Thus it is necessary to formalize in legislation the composition of the commissions and include into them a deputy of the Majilis, a deputy of the Senate, a judge of the Supreme Court, a representative of the Justice Ministry, a lawyer-scientist and two representatives of advocacy institutes and notary offices. The process of attestation is proposed to make open for media.

What does the Ministry undertake for raising legal culture of the citizens? Many people know little about the legislation and can not protect their rights.

The level, quality and pace of creation of conditions for building a legal state and forming a civil society depend on the level of legal consciousness and legal culture. This task is one of the most important since it means to encourage people to be law-abiding citizens, respect the Constitution and laws of the country.

The significance of this task is pursuant to the Concept of Legal Policy for 2010-2010.

Until now the citizens had limited access to the electronic database of legal acts. It hindered raising the citizens' legal culture. Our Ministry solved this problem through installation of free-of-charge access points to the electronic database in 40 public service centers, 35 courts, 35 universities and 79 libraries of Kazakhstan.  

Besides, an online version of the legislation database is available on the Ministry's website.

So the activity of the Ministry of Justice turned to be very important in our society. The officers of our justice agencies will make every effort to protect rights of the citizens and state.

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