karaly stone statues were found in Akbastau suburbs in the east of Karkaraly near Kyzylorda on the South. There are two types of stone statues: of Turk and Kypchak Khanates.

The stone statues of Turk time basically depict batyrs and chief-leaders, biys and abyzes, zhyrshy and shepherds. Chains of balbals (about 200 pieces) are near the stone figures.

Several weapons as saber, dagger and others hung-up on the belt were carved on the statues. The sculptures of khans and biys are depicted with rods in hands. Near stone statues of Kypchak period there are not any chains of balbals, sculptures of men are without weapon. They can be seen in the form of kyztas, kelinshektas, kempirtas (images of women).

Karkaraly stone figures have more distinct contours of face, separate parts of body, weapon and several subjects in hands in comparison with Yereimentau and Zhylysai stone sculptures.

The historical monuments in Karkaraly suburbs are considered as one of the best samples of the ancient sculptural arts reflecting intellectual and cultural world of Turk and Kypchak tribes in VI-XIII centuries.


Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 3.

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