KASE reports increase in trades of Tesla stocks in 2023

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

2023 saw more and more Kazakhstanis investing in Tesla stocks on KASE (Kazakhstan Stock Exchange), Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports. 

By the end of last year, KASE Global had stocks of 45 companies and 11 ETFs listed.

Stocks valued 36.5 billion tenge were traded on KASE Global in 2023, growing 41.7% or 10.8 billion tenge compared to a year before.

KASE saw daily trading average at 148.6 million tenge, daily transaction average at 246, and value average of a single transaction at 603.3 thousand tenge.

According to KASE, Kazakhstanis bought Tesla stocks worth 1,610.4 million tenge, Ford Motor Company stocks for 220.7 million tenge, and Intel Corporation stocks worth 1,108.9 million tenge.

Broker-dealer firms accounted for 36%, other institutional investors below 0.1%, other legal entities 26.2%, individuals 37.8%, and non-residents 0.6% of the total share of trades on KASE Global in 2023.

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