Kazakh businessmen visit Bloomberg, Google, and Meta

Kazakh businessmen visited Bloomberg, Google, and Meta
Photo credit: Rustem Kozhybayev/Kazinform

The Kazakhstan Cultural-Business Association of North America (KCBANA) organized the inaugural business tour in the USA for “Parasat” business club members. According to a Kazinform News Agency correspondent, during this tour, Kazakhstani businessmen visited prominent technology firms such as Google, META, and Tesla.

From May 31 to June 11, Kazakhstani businessmen had an opportunity to visit key business centers in New York, Washington D.C., and California’s Silicon Valley to establish economic cooperation with the US companies and enterprises.

Representatives of Kazakhstan’s business circles participated in high-level meetings at institutions including the World Bank, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Bloomberg, and JPMorgan Chase, as well as at leading technology companies like Google, META, and Tesla.

With the participation of members of the business club “Parasat”, the first business forum on the topic: “Expanding Horizons: The Future of US-Kazakhstan Economic Cooperation” was held at the World Bank building in Washington D.C., involving representatives from the business, expert, and cultural circles of the USA.

Kazakh businessmen visited Bloomberg, Google, and Meta
Photo credit: Rustem Kozhybayev/Kazinform

Representatives of the business club “Parasat” held a separate meeting with Yerzhan Ashikbayev, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the USA, and Ainur Rogers, the director of the Kazakhstan Cultural-Business Association of North America, at the Kazakh Embassy in the USA. The parties discussed issues related to the prospects for the development of Kazakh business in the USA and the exploration of the American market, as part of the success of the “B5+1” initiative, which took place in Almaty in March.

Serik Irsaliyev, President of the Astana International University, mentioned that the university maintains strong partnerships with leading universities in the USA, Russia, and China. He also discussed plans to develop an independent and stable management system at the university, similar to Harvard University, where alumni elect the governing body members every five years. These members are responsible for appointing the president of the university.

“We are seeking not only academic but also analytical partners, and visited several American analytical centers to prepare our university's PhD students for analysis. We hope that this platform will give rise to bright ideas and correct solutions,” said Serik Irsaliyev.

Abylaihan Kamaladin, founder of “QM Meta media agency” expressed gratitude for the opportunity to conduct such meetings in the USA.

“In the last few days in Washington D.C., I realized that we can achieve a lot. These opportunities in America are not just visible, but we can already begin cooperation. We can now move to the level where you help your country,” shared Abylaihan Kamaladin.

Diana Dostanova, General Director of the business club “Parasat” reported that “Parasat” is represented in five cities: Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Karaganda, and Uralsk. Its main mission is the development of new business elite, which could enter new international markets. The USA was selected primarily for its leading economic status.

According to Diana Dostanova, this initial tour introducing the American economy and companies is just the beginning, with plans for continued engagement. The next steps will focus on strengthening trade and cultural relations between the two countries.

Kazakh businessmen visited Bloomberg, Google, and Meta
Photo credit: Rustem Kozhybayev/Kazinform

Ainur Rogers, Director of the Kazakhstan Cultural-Business Association of North America, explained that the nonprofit NGO “KCBANA” is based in Washington, D.C., and focuses on fostering effective economic collaboration in the private sector to promote Kazakh business in the USA.

“The business tour in the USA is a key milestone in strengthening bilateral ties between Kazakhstan and the United States. Our mission is to provide Kazakh entrepreneurs with knowledge and connections in the USA, enhancing investment opportunities and strengthening partnerships across various sectors,” said Ainur Rogers.

The association also hosts cultural events to improve Kazakhstan’s image in the USA. For example, in October 2023, they held a week-long Kazakh film event during the first Central Asian Film Festival, scheduled to align with Kazakhstan's Republic Day.

“We aim to promote Kazakhstan’s image in the USA by showcasing Kazakh culture at international festivals. We want Kazakhstan to be known to Americans as a country of talented people with great creative potential,” explained Ainur Rogers.

Upcoming projects will target social areas such as children, orphans, women entrepreneurs, and individuals with special needs. Specifically, “KCBANA” intends to arrange exchanges between American and Kazakhstani doctors to exchange knowledge, and to coordinate a number of free maxillofacial surgeries in Kazakhstan conducted by American surgeons.

Kazakh businessmen visited Bloomberg, Google, and Meta
Photo credit: Rustem Kozhybayev/Kazinform

Valikhan Bakhretdinov, representing the business club “Parasat”, director of “Ulan-gaiyr Dala Eli”, member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, youth leader, and political scientist, expressed that he was greatly impressed by his visit to the USA. He emphasized the need to rebuild economic and enhance transportation and logistics links with the USA following a lengthy pause caused by the pandemic. In addition to financial benefits, Kazakh businessmen have acquired considerable experience from one of the most advanced countries.

“During this week in the USA, Kazakh businessmen held several effective and fruitful meetings that will aid in further developing cooperation. Businessmen welcome the “B5+1” initiative and consider it timely, which will bring Central Asia much closer to the USA despite the geographical distance,” shared Valikhan Bakhretdinov.

Bakhretdinov also stated that American businesses are showing interest in exploring Kazakhstan, which is attracting considerable attention for potential collaborations.

Kazakh businessmen visited Bloomberg, Google, and Meta
Photo credit: Rustem Kozhybayev/Kazinform

Marat Birimzhan, the overseas representative of the national company “Kazakh Invest” in North America, noted that the business forum in Washington D.C. saw a large turnout of Kazakhstani and American companies, along with representatives from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and other organizations, including USAID.

He explained that the forum focused on projects aimed at attracting investments to Kazakhstan’s non-resource sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and logistics, tourism, healthcare, and education.

Birimzhan expressed a desire for large and medium-sized American companies with advanced technologies to enter the Kazakh market, invest in the Kazakh economy, and localize their production in Kazakhstan.

He also mentioned that the scale and expertise of the U.S. economy and its technologies are appealing across all sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy.

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