Kazakh citizen detained in Tajikistan for alleged hostage taking

ASTANA. February 18. KAZINFORM A citizen of Kazakhstan was detained in Dushanbe, Tajikistan for alleged hostages taking.

Zhanbolat Ussenov, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for International Information under the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan, told a weekly briefing on Monday.

"The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan closely monitors the situation in the Tajik capital. A criminal case against Kazakh Saparkhodzha Partoyev who allegedly kidnapped three citizens of Ukraine has been initiated. Partoyev's friends and family insist that he did not seize Alexander Semeryakov, Vasily Yeremchuk and Yevgeniy Lenok as hostages, they were free and kept in touch with their relatives," Zh. Ussenov said.

According to Mr. Ussenov, there was a conflict between S. Partoyev and A. Semeryakov who share auto business together. A. Semeryakov refused to return the money he owed to Partoyev and told his family in Ukraine that two citizens of Ukraine and he were taken hostage in Dushanbe. The Ukrainian foreign ministry informed the law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan of the situation. Based on the information received, S. Partoyev and a citizen of Tajikistan Abdulkhalim were detained in Dushanbe for alleged kidnapping. The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Dushanbe asked the Tajik foreign ministry to provide official information and organize a meeting with the detained citizen of Kazakhstan on February 9 and 10. There was no immediate official response from the Tajik side.

"The situation is closely monitored by the Kazakh Foreign Ministry and our embassy in Dushanbe. We will do our best to protect the interests of the Kazakh citizen," Zh. Ussenov stressed.

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