Kazakh culinary culture showcased at UNESCO Circle of Permanent Delegates Evening

Kazakh cuisine
Photo credit: mfa.kz

Within the framework of the annual reception of the UNESCO Circle of Permanent Delegates, the Delegation of Kazakhstan presented the culinary traditions of their country to the ambassadors and the personnel of the intergovernmental organization with a mandate to safeguard the world’s cultural diversity, Kazinform News Agency learnt from the Kazakh Foreign Ministry.

The Kazakh corner featured hot dishes, appetizers, and desserts of the national cuisine, which stands as an integral component of its intangible cultural heritage. Aigerim Musagazhinova, a prominent ethnographer and restaurateur, provided to visitors at the stand insightful commentary on the unique traditions and the captivating variety of the national cuisine. Guests were also captivated by her beautifully illustrated book titled Unique Dishes of Kazakh Cuisine, featuring 50 authentic recipes in Kazakh, Russian, and English.

Kazakhstan takes great pride in its remarkable contributions to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, with 13 inscribed elements showcasing the nation’s identity. Among these, Nauryz, Traditional Spring Festive Rites of Kazakh Horse Breeders, and Flatbread Making and Sharing Culture (Lavash, Katyrma, Jupka, Yufka) are related to various aspects of the Kazakh traditional cuisine.

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