Kazakh Cultural Centre unveils in Belgium

BRUSSELS. KAZINFORM The Kazakh Cultural Centre Til-Kazyna opened at the Kazakh Embassy in Belgium, Kazinform reports.

The centre will give an opportunity for children of diplomats, representatives of Kazakh Diaspora to learn Kazakh language, history, culture, customs and traditions.

«The language is the history of our people, language is the national heritage, language is our dignity, wealth,» Kazakh Ambassador to Belgium Aigul Kuspan said.

The centre is to welcome now 30 children of diplomats. It will expand its audience in the near future as well as through videoconferencing. There are 600 nationals of Kazakhstan staying in Belgium. 430 Kazakhstani children were adopted by Belgian citizens.

The centre is expected to hold various educational and cultural events, meetings for Kazakhstanis staying there.

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