Kazakh Culture Ministry supports Society of Universal Labour

ASTANA. August 18. KAZINFORM  Media representatives should present the public with professional portraits of real working people. Minister of Culture and Information, Darkhan Mynbay said at a meeting on how to implement the new program set out by President Nazarbayev in July 2012: "Social Modernization of Kazakhstan: 20 Steps to a Society of Universal Labour."

The central idea of the Society of Universal Labour is to build a modern economy that is resilient in the face of crisis and has social justice at its core. The President has stressed that for this to be achieved, every Kazakhstani must understand the need for labour that benefits both the individual and society as a whole. To ensure that the national media supports this aim, the Ministry of Culture and Information is to devise a State program entitled: "Information Kazakhstan 2030."

The Minister cited as an example the Olympic medal-winners of Kazakhstan:  "These are people who by their hard work and talent have brought honour to our country."

Mr Mynbay also outlined a number of measures already underway to implement the program.  Work is well advanced on a new draft code of journalism ethics and the Minister reminded journalists that there is a precedent for such a code as a powerful tool in addressing key strategic questions in society: the first such code, drafted back in 1997, was of crucial importance for reporting on intercultural and interfaith relations within Kazakhstan, the Kazakh MFA's press service said.

In a measure aimed at increasing the accountability of state employees, Mr Mynbay proposed that the media should publish columns with readers' comments and replies from local state bodies. The Minister emphasized that people living in the regions placed particular trust in the media; many of them come to editorial offices with their problems and this could be deployed to improve the work of state bodies.

Finally, the Ministry of Culture and Information is drawing up a draft five-year plan for modernizing national cultural output. The aim is to provide the younger generation with positive role models that they lack by encouraging national cultural productions showing a positive portrayal of work, honest professional success as well as service to the country and patriotic ideals.

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