Kazakh delegation participated in US-CA TIFA annual sitting

WASHINGTON.  October 13. KAZINFORM On Oct 4-11, 2009 Kazakh delegation headed by Vice Minister of Industry and Trade Zhanar Aitzhanova participated in the fifth annual session within the US-Central Asia Trade and Investments Framework Agreement (TIFA) in Washington.

As the press service of the Kazakh Embassy in the USA informs, the TIFA member countries were represented on the highest level.

The agenda of the sitting provided for discussion of the mechanisms promoting trade and investments between the TIFA countries, removing administrative barriers in trade and simplification of the customs procedures. Besides, the Office of the US Trade Representative together with the US Commerce and Industry Chamber held an investment forum for American business circle in order to demonstrate investment and trade potential of the CA countries.

Within the stay in Washington the Kazakh delegation had a number of bilateral meetings. At a meeting with the heads of the Office of the US Trade Representative the parties focused on the prospects of interaction in trade-economic issues within regular consultations between Kazakhstan and the USA as well as Kazakhstan-American Initiative on state-private partnership.

At the meeting with Special Aide to the US President Michael McFall, Senior Director for International Economics of the US National Defense Council David Lipton and US Assistant Secretary of State Robert  Blake there was held a briefing regarding new format of Kazakhstan's accession to the WTO due to establishment of the Kazakhstan-Russia-Belarus Customs Union.

Bilateral consultations with the Office of the US Trade Representative regarding development of further algorithm of actions within the Kazakh-US bilateral talks on the WTO joining were fruitful for both sides. It was noted that the negotiations on Kazakhstan's WTO accession would be held individually on those issues which do not fall under the competence of the Customs Union. In particular, these are the issues on the conditions of access of foreigners to the market of services, definition of the volume of maintaining agriculture as well as protection of intellectual property rights.

Astana, Moscow and Minsk will develop a common approach to introduction of single import customs duties and licensing import and export since they fall under the competence of the Customs Union

Staying of the Kazakhstan delegation in Washington aroused great interest from the side of the US business circles. Thus, representatives of AES Corporation, Boeing, Case New Holland, General Electric, Chevron Corporation, McDermott International and others took part in a roundtable organized by the American-Kazakh Business Association and in a briefing given by Z. Aitzhanova at the Kazakh Embassy. As the US businessmen noted, the market being created within the single customs area as well as preferential conditions Kazakhstan provides and develops within the Customs union, would make pour country more attractive for foreign investors.

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