'Kazakh Eli' Monument will be heart of nation's unity, solidarity, bravery and statehood - writer A. Tarazi

ANA. October 22. KAZINFORM /Marlan Zhiembay/ "Kazakh people have a word 'kazyk' which means a "stem", "pole", "footing". This word has a succinct and good meaning.When a Kazakh aul moved to a new place a pole was nailed down into the ground in order to serve a footing for the white yurt of the most honorable aksakal.

 Afterwards the other aul members arranged their yurts and began settling in. In this sense, the word 'kazyk' means the center around which people are united. As a whole this process served for manifestation of unity and solidarity of the Kazakh people", - writer Akim Tarazi said in an interview to Kazinform.

 There is Kazygurt Mountain in the south of Kazakhstan. People variously explain its name. According to the writer the word 'gurt' which is a component of 'kazygurt' word is not the Kazakh word. More likely, it is changed word 'kazykzhurt'. According to modern notions this word should mean a capital or a place where there is unity, welfare and prosperity. However this word has one more meaning. They say: 'A ship remained on the top of Kazygurt and if it is not saint why it is there?'

 This means that Kazygurt is the center of the Kazakh land and one the other hand it is the place where Noah's descendants live.

 The writer having told that something in the monument opened in the capital attracted him and he several times came near it noted that such monuments were not constructed till this moment in the centre of such large square as 'Kazakh Elu' Complex.

 "Our capital is a young city; only 11 years have passed since it was built. And it has remained in our consciousness as the center of our country. The same time the square where 'Kazakh Eli' Architectural-Sculptural Complex is located will become the symbol of our bravery, dream and purpose, our present and future", - A. Tarazi underlined.

 According to him the main part of the Complex - the sign with the height of 91 meters is the symbol for hope and aspiration of the Kazakh people into the future. This is a golden stem, golden symbol. There is the portrait of First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev below the stem topped with giant bird Samruk. Near his portrait there are Kazakh wise figures, famous and authoritative people. On the other side we see workers and peasants which lead Kazakhstan to the future by their labor. Horse sarbazes and modern frontier guards with submachine guns which depicted there tell that for the Kazakh people defense of their Native land is always a highest obligation and honor.

 "I am sure that Kazakhstan has a great future. We criticize different disadvantages we have. But all they will be gone with time. Any society how ever good it might be has its dark sides.

 The writer noted that the square with the new monument is higher than the present center. That is why he supposed that the center will move to the square whereas the doors of Akorda can be opened from the east side. The main thing is that there are the Palace of Peace and Concord, Palace of Independence near the monument. The writer also dreams that the Kazakh theater and cultural centers to be constructed near the square.

 "I believe that 'Kazakh Eli' architectural-sculptural complex which is in the centre of the capital will become for Kazakh people some kind of the Eiffel Tower for French people. We will feel the beat of the heart of the Kazakh nation on this square", - A. Tarazi ended the conversation.





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