Kazakh Embassy organizes conference on state-of-the-nation address in Cairo

Photo credit: press service of the Kazakh MFA

The Embassy of Kazakhstan to Egypt organized a conference at the Cairo International Book Fair, wherein media representatives, political scientists, and economic observers were briefed on the key points of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s State of the Nation Address “Economic course of a Just Kazakhstan”, Kazinform News Agency cites the press service of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry.

In his speech, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Kairat Lama Sharif reported on the Presidential domestic and foreign policies, its priorities, initiatives, and reforms put in place.

The comprehensive political modernization works initiated by President Tokayev, including the transition of the management system to the model of “a Strong President - an Influential Parliament –an Accountable Government", aimed at creating a “Just Kazakhstan” where law and order prevails, the rights of citizens are duly respected, and the voice of the people is listened, were noted.

For an inclusive, diversified, investment-attractive, and business-friendly fair economy that produces high-quality processed products, the main direction will be to adequately improve the quality of life and working conditions of the population, provide full self-sufficiency, and protect domestic producers. Economic and financial-fiscal reforms are based on the maximum development of the potential of the main factors of labor, capital, resources, technology transfer, “green” growth and renewable energy, automation, digitization, as well as social monitoring in production.

Moreover, the good initiatives in the state social protection, maternal and child health, assistance to the disabled, women and children rights, and demographic growth were widely discussed.

It was noted that the main goal of the reforms is to achieve sustainable growth of 6-7 % and double the size of the national economy by 2029.

The Kazakh diplomat also briefly reported on the main directions of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Egypt, which established diplomatic relations more than 30 years ago, the bilateral and multilateral agreements and extensive close ties, as well as the upcoming political and economic meetings, councils, and consultations.

Journalists of the Egyptian media “Elmwatin”, “Alkhabar Alyoum”, representatives of Al-Azhar University and expert-analysis centers, who participated in the meeting, expressed their great interest in the Nation Address of the Head of State, noted the importance of the undertaken reforms and initiatives.

In addition, at the event organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Cairo, Arab and foreign publishers participating in the 55th Egyptian Cairo International Book Fair were presented with brochures containing the texts of the Head of State's Nation Address and his published article “Independence above All” translated into Arabic and English.

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