Kazakh fairytales in Serbian language donated to HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation

Kazakhstan and Serbia
Photo credit: press service of the Kazakh MFA

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Serbia donated 100 copies of the book "Kazakh folk tales in Serbian language" to the HRH Crown Princess of Serbia Katherine Karadjordjevic as a gift to her charity foundation, Kazinform News Agency has learnt from the press service of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry.

Talking about the project of publishing the book, the spouse of the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mrs. Atamkulova noted that the spiritual connection between people is the most valuable asset of Kazakh-Serbian cooperation. In this regard, the main purpose of the publication of fairy tales is to pass on to the next generations a unique code of friendship between the two countries. Moreover, through fairy tales, young Serbian readers will be able to familiarize themselves with the customs and traditions of the Kazakh people.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine, in turn, expressed gratitude to the Kazakh side, noting the uniqueness of this project, its high mission. According to the Crown Princess, the books will be forwarded to orphanages and asylums in Serbia. Some copies of the book will be sent to the branch office of the Foundation in Chicago (USA).

"Children, will pass this book on to their children," HRH Crown Princess Katarina concluded.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation was established in August 2001 to help children with special needs, orphans and abused children. Representative offices of the foundation have been opened in Chicago, New York, Toronto, and London (taking into account the large Serbian diasporas).

Yugoslavia remained a monarchy until 1945, after which it changed its form of government to a republic. The last king was Peter II Karadjordjevic. His son Aleksandar Karadjordjevic is currently crown prince of Serbia, his wife Katherine is crown princess.

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