Kazakh Government adopts 2024-2030 Healthcare Infrastructure Development Concept

Kazakh Government adopts 2024-2030 healthcare infrastructure development concept
Photo credit: gov.kz

The Government of Kazakhstan has reviewed and adopted 2024-2030 Healthcare Infrastructure Development Concept, Kazinform News Agency reports.

Presenting the document, Minister of Healthcare Akmaral Alnazarova reminded that the draft concept of Kazakhstan’s healthcare infrastructure development was elaborated in accordance with the President's instruction and outlines the vision, principles and approaches to the development of healthcare sector in the nearest seven years.

According to the Concept, the process of infrastructure planning will be based on the long-term forecasts of demographic indicators, incidence rates as well as population structure.

Bed capacity of hospitals will be restructured and healthcare infrastructure will be brought into compliance with the standards.

"To ensure effective implementation, all required regulatory-legal acts will be adopted and a digital map of healthcare infrastructure will be developed," Akmaral Alnazarova said.

The first stage of implementation of the Сoncept includes completion of designing and beginning of construction of backbone healthcare institutions, namely 11,440-bed 34 anchor projects. The regions will be provided with modern multidisciplinary hospitals: six university clinics, 14 hospitals, 11 perinatal and three national centers.

The overhaul of other healthcare facilities will be continued.

2,500 health facilities are set to be modernized at the second stage of the Concept implementation. 

The new Concept will reduce shortage of specialized and emergency beds for children, the Minister noted.

Thus, 200-bed center for pediatric oncology and hematology, 200-bed center for pediatric surgery, 200-bed children’s unit at the Astana-based National Coordination Center for Emergency Medicine and at Almaty-based Innovative Surgery Center will be built.

“These measures will let increase availability of highly-specialized medical assistance for the population and enhance the operation of coordination councils on the ground of republican research institutions and national centers,” she emphasized.

The Concept implementation will also enable to provide health facilities with equipment for a five-year period.

“This concept contains a comprehensive vision of further development of the country’s healthcare infrastructure. Apart from the National Project [of Healthcare Development - edit] which targets on rural areas only, the Concept includes construction of key healthcare institutions, such as the National Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Center, and university hospitals in the regions. They will be built in the nearest future. Local producers of construction materials, furniture, and equipment should be attracted to the construction of these facilities. This will positively affect the regions’ economy. In this regard, the draft Concept shall be approved,” said Prime Minister Bektenov.

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