Kazakh Government cancels 10 national projects and 2 state programs

Government of Kazakhstan
Photo credit: primeminister.kz

Kazakh Finance Minister Madi Takiyev reported on the execution of the 2023 republican budget at today’s joint session of the Parliament’s Chambers, Kazinform News Agency reports.

The minister said the Government’s report was fully considered and discussed by both Chambers of the Kazakh Parliament.

"The GDP growth made 5.1% in 2023. The annual inflation reached 9.8% reducing twofold. The budget deficit hit 3.1 trillion tenge or 2.6% of the GDP. The state debt made 27.2 trillion tenge or 22.8% of the GDP. All the covenants were observed," the minister said.

The annual revenue plan of the republican budget was fulfilled by 99.9%. 19 trillion tenge was transferred to the budget. The budget expenses were fulfilled by 99.6% to reach 22.4 trillion tenge. The volume of uncommitted funds made 73 billion tenge.

The assets of the National Fund grew by 13.4% to stand at 60 billion tenge compared to the previous year.

Three national projects, including  A Comfortable School, Rural Healthcare Modernization and  Affordable Internet were approved. 625.2 billion tenge was allocated for their realization from various sources, including 536.4 billion tenge from the republican budget. The rest 10 national projects and two state programs were cancelled, he added.

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