Kazakh language use reaches 62%, says minister Balayeva

Photo: Viktor Fedyunin

Minister of culture and information Aida Balayeva stated the growing role of the Kazakh language and the increase in its use, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.

As Balayeva said, the Kazakh language use was at 2% in the early days of independence of the country.

According to the statistics, in 1991, the use of the state language stood at 2%; it’s at 62% now. In the realm of news, the Kazakh language has a share of 80%. It indicates that the Kazakh language is dynamically developing and the scope of its use expands, said the minister of culture and information of Kazakhstan during a Majilis meeting.

To note, according to the education department of Astana, there are 100 kindergartens in the Kazakh capital, in 43 of which Kazakh is used as the language of instruction.

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