Kazakh libraries to host over 40,000 events this summer

Kazakh libraries to host over 40,000 events this summer
Photo credit: Soltan Zheksenbekov/Kazinform

According to the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Information, 41,922 summer events are set to be held by libraries of the republican, regional, and city levels across Kazakhstan, Kazinform News Agency reports.

The National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan will host a series of events in Astana, including exhibitions, a fairy tale therapy, intellectual quests and campaigns, as well as tours.

Сhildren will be presented with fairy tales accompanied by audio descriptions and facilitated participation in chess, checkers, and togyzkumalak (nine sheep droppings) in the RSU “Republican Library for the Blind and Visually impaired citizens” in Almaty.

The Akmola region will host a flash-painting contest, a book land, a dombra-battle, and open-air events.

In the North Kazakhstan region, age-specific events will be held, including "Bala Tili - Bal" (A baby's tongue is honey) and "Ertegini Tabynyz" (Find the story).

In the Kostanay region, two cognitive events, "Shekarany bilmeitin balalyk shak" (A childhood that knows no boundaries) and "Kittartarda kanikul zhok" (No vacations in books), are scheduled to take place.

A summer children's contest, a library picnic, and pottery classes will be organized in the Turkistan region.

In the Abai region, a total of 12 projects will be implemented during the summer period.

In the Aktobe region, a series of activities have been scheduled, including quest games, master classes, and the implementation of the summer educational project "Okityn dos izdeimin" (Seeking a study partner).

Libraries in the Almaty region will host book exhibitions and drawing contests, while in the Atyrau region, a project entitled "Summer with a Book" will be implemented.

The greatest number of events is scheduled to take place in the Akmola, North Kazakhstan, and Kostanay regions. A total of 2,000 events will be held for young readers in Astana, Almaty, and Shymkent.

A total of 197 events are scheduled to be held by the Kazakh National Library, the National Academic Library, and the Republican Library for the Blind and Visually impaired citizens.

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