Kazakh National Bank offers jobs to young talented specialists - Akishev

ALMATY. KAZINFORM - The National Bank of Kazakhstan is searching for young talented specialists, its chairman Daniyar Akishev said during an online conference at the Kapital.kz web portal on Tuesday.

"We've launched a campaign "Get a job at the National Bank without a pull" so that potential employees could get a job at the bank based on their knowledge and expertise. They've got to have decent education, speak English and be very ambitious," said Daniyar Akishev speaking of qualities the bank is looking for in its potential employees.

According to him, the tasks the National Banks faces today require it to select only the best talents. "New ideas the bank is planning to turn into reality will require new staff with unconventional approach," Akishev noted.

"We are planning to engage them in the development of monetary policy, ensuring financial stability, monitoring of financial organizations and IT," he added.

"If you are young and talented and want to work at the main financial institute of the country, send your resume to press@nationalbank.kz. We will collect resumes until October 20, 2016," Akishev said.

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