Kazakh region under quarantine after horse's EZL woes

Photo: pixabay

Beskauga village of Pavlodar region has imposed quarantine after 18 horses tested positive for epizootic lymphangitis (EZL), Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.

According to the regional veterinary office, the post-mortem test taken on the horse died in the Kuanysh farm, Koyandy rural district, came back positive for epizootic lymphangitis.

The region-imposed quarantine of the farm was declared for three months since February 20.

As the veterinary office said, the quarantine is to be lifted in a three months period after all sick animals were euthanized, the final clinical survey of horses, and cleaning and disinfection of the fatalities.

The bordering districts of Karaganda region were warned to tighten control over the movement of animals.

Earlier it was reported that Karaganda region reported a horse die-off due to ulcerative dermatitis.

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