Kazakh singer hopes music will help Japan antinuclear movement

HIROSHIMA. August 16. KAZINFORM A famous Kazakh singer hopes that the power of music will help antinuclear sentiment spread further across Japan, just as her signature song became the symbol of a movement that led to the shutdown of a former Soviet nuclear test site in the 1990s.

"Songs have the power to raise the spirits of people and unite them," Roza Rymbayeva said during a recent trip to Hiroshima ahead of the 67th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of the city, Kyodo reports.

The 54-year-old's antinuclear "Zaman-ai" (Oh Such Times), a melancholy but powerful song, delivers a message about "protecting nature, children, our country and our future," said Rymbayeva, who has the title of national artist in Kazakhstan.

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